>> August 31, 2009

Opening weekend went really well... except that I got sick from the stress levels during Tech week... so I could barely sing on Friday and Saturday.

I drank lots of hot tea with honey, and God gave me a miracle: I made it through all three of my shows this weekend without the complete death of my voice!

I'm happy with how Friday went with Blake, since we had never really rehearsed together (I'd been on with Tommy during tech week).
Saturday afternoon was a fun show... even if it wasn't quite as good as opening... I seem to have more fun with Tommy (maybe because he pays a little bit more attention to me on stage?). hmm...
Sunday afternoon was odd. When Blake and I kissed at the end of De-Lovely, we got cheered by people... it was unsettling.
To my readers... the few that I have... If anyone knows who did that, I'd like to know. Currently, I'm guessing that it was Blake's friends in the audience... but I'm not sure...

Thank you to all the people who came to see me :)

And if you HAVEN'T seen me yet, and you want to, I still have two more shows:

Thursday, September 10 @ 7:15
Friday, September 11 @ 7:15


While the drama onstage is great... the drama backstage is getting unbearable.
There are too many cliques, since this is such a huge cast.
Girls are crushing on guys.
Guys are ignoring girls.
People are depressed because of other problems.
Some people are trying to make people feel better.
Shows got mixed up.
Lines got "stolen"
There are so many rumors.

On a happier note:
I've made new friends in just the past couple of days.
I made up with someone (no more misunderstanding)
I've found who my real friends are.
I've had a heart to heart with someone who I didn't really talk to before.

The best thing is: Today is a new day!


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