"Everything is Meaningless"

>> July 10, 2009

Lately, I've been having a difficult time with life. It's all because my youth group is dying. I feel worthless. I feel like no one cares about me. I feel alone. So alone. I'm making this into a big deal that's all about me. It shouldn't be that way.

I know God is working. I see it. I know He is going to do something great. I just wish it would happen already! This world is too messed up. I can't take it anymore.

I read Ecclesiastes tonight. I'm glad I did. I saw that Solomon felt the same way I do. There really is "nothing new under the sun." I take some comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one to ever feel this way. The world was just as messed up in Solomon's day as it is now.

The problem is that people generally (and I'm definitely including myself here) try so hard to be happy, without help from anything except themselves and the world. Like Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, living that way, depending on the things of this world to make me happy, is meaningless. Life is meaningless without God. Without Him, all my efforts to be happy are meaningless. I will never be happy if I don't look to Him. God created people to enjoy the world and be happy, but we will never enjoy it to the fullest if we don't have Him in our lives.

I'm convinced this is true.
Now how do I get out of the rut of my human nature and live like this!?

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