Labor Day.

>> September 5, 2009

I'm visiting the Randall Worleys :)

We're already having great fun!
I love my family...

oh. and I got really cute clothes today.



>> August 31, 2009

Opening weekend went really well... except that I got sick from the stress levels during Tech week... so I could barely sing on Friday and Saturday.

I drank lots of hot tea with honey, and God gave me a miracle: I made it through all three of my shows this weekend without the complete death of my voice!

I'm happy with how Friday went with Blake, since we had never really rehearsed together (I'd been on with Tommy during tech week).
Saturday afternoon was a fun show... even if it wasn't quite as good as opening... I seem to have more fun with Tommy (maybe because he pays a little bit more attention to me on stage?). hmm...
Sunday afternoon was odd. When Blake and I kissed at the end of De-Lovely, we got cheered by people... it was unsettling.
To my readers... the few that I have... If anyone knows who did that, I'd like to know. Currently, I'm guessing that it was Blake's friends in the audience... but I'm not sure...

Thank you to all the people who came to see me :)

And if you HAVEN'T seen me yet, and you want to, I still have two more shows:

Thursday, September 10 @ 7:15
Friday, September 11 @ 7:15


While the drama onstage is great... the drama backstage is getting unbearable.
There are too many cliques, since this is such a huge cast.
Girls are crushing on guys.
Guys are ignoring girls.
People are depressed because of other problems.
Some people are trying to make people feel better.
Shows got mixed up.
Lines got "stolen"
There are so many rumors.

On a happier note:
I've made new friends in just the past couple of days.
I made up with someone (no more misunderstanding)
I've found who my real friends are.
I've had a heart to heart with someone who I didn't really talk to before.

The best thing is: Today is a new day!


Tech Week.

>> August 24, 2009

I'm going to die.

I can't fall back asleep.
I have school today.
I have rag rollers in my hair. They're falling out. I'm scared they won't look as awesome as my pin curls did last week... but oh well... we'll see.

crap. now the cat is scratching my window. I'd better go let her in.



>> August 13, 2009

School is coming. It's about to hit me full force. This will probably be the hardest year of my life (educationally speaking).
Will I survive?

I will survive.

OH, and come see me in Anything Goes, please. If you are coming, let me know sooner, rather than later. Thank you.


The sound of the cheering made me forget everything that had ever hurt my feelings!

>> July 25, 2009

I'm packing for Pine Cove!!! I'm super excited!

One problem: I have a cold again this year. :(

My trunk seems to not be as full as it was last year. I'm slightly worried that I'm forgetting something.

I have:
my clothes
my theme night stuff.
my nice clothes for Friday
my bible
stuff to write with/on
makeup and straightener for friday.
stuff to take showers with
stuff to put my hair up with
bath towel
swimming towel
swimming suit and trunks.
flip flops
face wash
a washcloth
toothbrush and toothpaste.
trash bags (for wet and dirty things)
body spray (mmm!)
other items for cleanliness
some just in case stuff
my toms!
a big water bottle

does it sound good to you?
I hope I didn't forget anything!

I can't wait for this week! It's the highlight of my summer every year!
This year I'm especially longing for it, because I need encouragement. This week will give me encouragement!

God has a plan! know how I know? this has been the course of 2009 for me:
found a mentor
went to SLU
worked at Mission Kids' camp
Pine Cove
more encouragement!
and after Pine Cove, more action.

I can do anything with God's help! I'm finally starting to get out of this rut!


Jamey Quote of the Week

>> July 13, 2009

It went SOMETHING like this:

Tommy - "I really am sick! I even have green snot."
Jamey - "I'm not hungry anymore."


"Everything is Meaningless"

>> July 10, 2009

Lately, I've been having a difficult time with life. It's all because my youth group is dying. I feel worthless. I feel like no one cares about me. I feel alone. So alone. I'm making this into a big deal that's all about me. It shouldn't be that way.

I know God is working. I see it. I know He is going to do something great. I just wish it would happen already! This world is too messed up. I can't take it anymore.

I read Ecclesiastes tonight. I'm glad I did. I saw that Solomon felt the same way I do. There really is "nothing new under the sun." I take some comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one to ever feel this way. The world was just as messed up in Solomon's day as it is now.

The problem is that people generally (and I'm definitely including myself here) try so hard to be happy, without help from anything except themselves and the world. Like Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, living that way, depending on the things of this world to make me happy, is meaningless. Life is meaningless without God. Without Him, all my efforts to be happy are meaningless. I will never be happy if I don't look to Him. God created people to enjoy the world and be happy, but we will never enjoy it to the fullest if we don't have Him in our lives.

I'm convinced this is true.
Now how do I get out of the rut of my human nature and live like this!?



>> July 9, 2009

I'm not sleeping well lately.

I think this means something.

I think I will read the Bible.

Please pray for me. I'm going through an emotionally difficult time in my life.


Jamey Quote of the Week - "Slowly: Approach your WOMAN!"

>> July 1, 2009

Have you ever smoked weed?
Nope... and I don't plan on it.

Who is the person who hurt you the most?
honestly, that would probably be myself.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
I'd change all the crazy girls who take it on themselves to win the boy.

Have you ever been so angry you cried?

Do you regret drinking?
I've never drank alcohol... but I definitely have regretted drinking too many liquids on road trips

What do you do when you need to calm down?

Whats your cure to boredom?
uhhh... idk.

Do you like your past?
some parts were great... others were not so great... but my past has shaped me into who I am today.

Do you belive there is a place after life?
yes. Heaven or Hell. Seriously. Meet Jesus, so you can go to heaven!!!

What's a really sweet simple thing?
my first kiss <3

Whats life all about?
loving people for who they are.

What song captures your life?
I don't know.

Whats your favourite flavour?

What do you do when your pissed?
explode... and then go hide in my room

Best band:
uhhh... right now I really like the Lucksmiths

What would you do if there was a mouse in your room?
freak out, because it probably pooped on stuff and ate stuff...

Are you afraid to go into Hot Topic?
nope! I love that store!

Whats the craziest thing you've done lately?
I guess installing World of Warcraft on my laptop... I'll probably regret that decision in the future...

Can you sleep without a blanket?
only in REALLY hot weather

Do you have a soulmate?
God has someone for me

If you could have any type of dog what would it be?
a Great Dane. good thing that's what I have! I'd also like a Great Pyrenees.

Shout out to your best friend:
We need to hang out, Chloe! I miss your face! let's go antique shopping. lol.

Pepsi or Coke?
that's disgusting. water, kthxbai

Do you have any hoodies that aren't yours?

Skinny jeans?
Skinny Jeans are the bomb. I love them.

Whats your religion?
'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."
Matthew 22:37-40

Best type of shoe:
hi-top sneakers

Do you ever just look at the stars?
yeah. I love looking at stars. I love visiting the country for that very reason!


Hello to the few readers of this blog!

>> June 26, 2009

I now have dates for Anything Goes!!!

Check on the Show Dates box if you want to see them.

I got Hope Harcourt, who is an important supporting character (that happens to fall in love with the lead, Billy).

If you don't know where the Show Dates box is, it's the top white box on the left hand side of my blog... but for good measure, I'll put the dates here, too.

Friday, 8/28 @ 7:15
Sunday, 8/30 @ 2:15
Friday, 9/11 @ 7:15


Good Day.

>> June 12, 2009

I love the clean, fresh feeling you get after a shower.

I love the free feeling of wearing flowing clothes.
I love the happy feeling of doing what you love.

I'm off to go take some pictures.


I swear I'm addicted to the internet.

>> June 11, 2009

Thanks to Chloe, I now have a new site to be addicted to.


it's kinda like Twitter, but more like a blog. And most of the Tumblrs have photography on them.

I followed suit and made one here.

I'm putting things that I like on it... mainly photography, but also some music and quotes and things. I hope you enjoy it.

While you're at it, you can check out Chloe's tumblr here. Hers is probably more interesting than mine, since she actually sorta blogged on it...


Anything Goes

>> June 9, 2009

I've been freaking out about these auditions for like... a week and a half! And I didn't even get to go since I'm in Spain! Oh well... Jamey knows what I can do, and he'll cast me as he sees fit.

Guuhhhh! It's too long until Sunday, when we find out which part we got.

I miss PCT too much for my own good! Oh well... I asked everyone on facebook to give me details about last night. of course, I won't get any for a good.... let's say six to eight hours. I miss being in the same time zone as all my friends. :(

I'm so nervous!



>> June 3, 2009

I fail at blogging lately...

Anywho... I'm in Spain, and having a great time!
We went to the beach today, and I'm sunburned most everywhere except my face, because I only put sunscreen on my face.

Spain is fun and all, but I miss my friends and my own bed... this trip will be the longest I've ever been away from home at once. Three weeks is a long time, even when my whole family is here. My mom thinks I'm crazy for missing Plano, but I don't think I am.

When I get back, I immediately start rehearsals for Anything Goes. I'm super excited... even though I don't have ANY idea what role I'll get, since I don't get to audition, but whatever it is, I'm sure I will make it my own.

We've been watching the George López show lately... and it's hilarious! I didn't know what I was missing!

and now... a survey... because I don't know what else to write about:

How are you today?:

Have you done anything interesting?:
the beach!

So, what is your name?:

How old are you?:

Do you go to school or college?:
neither! I'm homeschooled XD

When will you graduate?:

Where are you at the moment?:
On my aunt's couch in Matadepera, Spain

Do you have any windows open in your bedroom?:
yeah! It's nice that I can do that.

Do you have a cellphone?:
I do.

What is today's date?:
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do you have a job?:
I wish...

Can you whistle?:
not very well

Who is your best friend?:

Are you gay/straight/bi/unsure?:

What are you listening to?:
a spanish version of an american detective show... I still haven't figured out which one... but I'm not paying much attention to it.

Are you watching tv?:
the TV is on, but I'm not really watching it.

Do you have a favorite movie?:
no! it's too hard to choose.

Do you wash your face in the morning and before you go to sleep?:
no :(
I should

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?:
once, usually

Do you wear make up?:
only when I'm bored

What do you do with your money?:
I usually buy things... or put it in the bank

Have you ever been in love before?:
I've been in love with Jesus

Do you like to go fishing?:
no... it's soooo boring.

What color is your keyboard?:

Do you like to text?:
it's OK, I guess

What will you be doing tomorrow?:
I have no clue... I don't get to plan these things

Are you excited for anything?:
ANYTHING GOES when I get home!

When will you go to the market next?:
I don't know, but we just went yesterday

Are you craving anything?:

Do you have a favorite band?:
ummm... several

What concert do you want to attend?:
I don't care

Where do you want to go to college?:
BAYLOR!!!! sic 'em, bears!

Are you hot or cold?:
more hot than cold

What time is it?:

Who did you last talk to on the phone with?:
I don't know

Who did you last kiss?:
I don't know

Will your next kiss be a mistake?:
perhaps... I don't know that either because it hasn't happened yet.

Do you have any regrets?:
yeah, but what's done is done

Do you like hockey?:
not really... I don't care for any sports

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?:

Do you miss someone?:
Lots and lots of people!

If you could meet anyone famous, who?:
ummm... let's say... idk... Adam Lambert?

Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?:
hah. no.

Is there any jewlery that you wear daily?:
not anymore


Church, Lately.

>> May 21, 2009

I've been rather discouraged lately, because it seems like I'm the only high school kid who even cares to come to church lately. It stinks, because I feel abandoned.

It's difficult to come to church and not be welcomed by people my age who want to live their life for Christ. A church family is supposed to be there. I need to be together with other believers. I can't get fellowship with Christians if no one is there.

42They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. 46Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.
Acts 2:42-47
I need this, and I'm not getting it.
I don't know where to go to get it.


Jamey Quote of the Week

>> May 12, 2009

"Peter, I want the shirt UNDER the overalls; you look like a lesbian"


Jamey Quotes of the Week

>> May 4, 2009

"Michelle, get off her lap. Have you washed your head?" (What the Crap?)
***correction: he said, "have you lost your head." Daryl and I just heard wrong***

"Drunk people aren't pretty! They have snot hanging out of their nose!"



>> May 3, 2009

I've been very happy lately.

I think it's because of that story about the angels and the river.

It's just given me a lot of perspective about life. For example, I've learned how fragile life is, but how good it is to be alive. I've realized that I have a purpose in life, or I might be dead. I've also realized that God watches over me constantly.

You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit.
Job 10:12
I'm glad to be alive.



>> April 24, 2009

I'm sure that if you've known me for 14 years, you've heard the story of how I almost drowned. Well, Nancy's the only person out of my readers that I know for sure has heard it... so I'll tell it to you right now.

When I was three, our family went camping a lot with another family called the Arriolas. One time, late in spring, we went camping at Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, when the rain had made the little Paluxy river swell to a swift current.

I had my dinosaur ring floatie, and I was all set, but my parents warned about the little space between the rocks where the current could sweep me away. Well, knowing me, I was curious to see whether my floatie would hold me up, so I disregarded the instructions and stepped into the deeper water.

Immediately, I was swept off my feet, my floatie was lost, and I started travelling down the river. I almost drowned, but at the last possible second, a man saved me.

Recently, my grandpa has been trying to help a family who is in a lawsuit over the custody of their child. The family recently lost another child, who accidentally drowned, and now the CPS is charging them with neglect. My grandpa is trying to find the man who saved me, so that he and my parents can be a witness for the family, but my parents don't know who he is. My mom says that she never actually met the man, because the Arriolas were the ones who went and got me.

We may never find out who that man was, but I think he was an angel.

Either that or the guardian angels turned his head to see that little girl floating down the river.

All I know is that I've experienced a miracle.

God has something important planned for me, or I'd be dead right now. I can't take my life for granted, because God, the creator of the whole UNIVERSE, thinks I'm important. He has a plan; I'm sure of it.

Lately I've been feeling God working more and more. In the past week, several people have told me that God has blessed them through me. Just hearing that makes me want to grow closer to God... closer than I've been in a long time... maybe even closer than I've ever been. Please pray for me as I follow Him.


Jamey Quote of the Week

>> April 21, 2009

"Either learn to burp or pretend to fart."

and another:
"Ahh! Eeww! Cheez-it just jumped out of my mouth!


Jamey Quote of the Week

>> April 19, 2009

"Are you even paying attention to me?!?! *cat hiss*"

and another (not quite as funny... to me at least... I don't know about you):
"You're starting to sound like Cher."


New Discipleship study at PCBC

>> April 17, 2009

Check out this link to the PCBC student ministry blog!



>> April 13, 2009

In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.
Romans 6:11

Christ died in place of ME. For MY sins. I thank God for sending his only son, whom he LOVED, to DIE, so I wouldn't have to!

Christ died for YOU, too.
[If] you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
Romans 10:9


It's kept between me and God.

>> April 10, 2009

I always want to write blogs... but I never know what to write about.

I feel unable to write about what I want to because this IS the internet... and ANYONE can see this...

I wish I could use this like a diary... but it wouldn't be private... no diary ever is anyway... writing it all down just provides the possibility that someone will read it...

No. the best place to keep those thoughts to myself is in my mind... but I do want to tell people sometimes... No. I can't.

I don't want to write it down for fear my future self will see it as stupid and shallow... but then, who DOESN'T grow over the years.

I don't want to write it down.

Sometimes it's best to keep it between me and God.


Jamey Quote of the Week

>> April 8, 2009

"There comes a point in every vegetarian's life when they just can't take it anymore. Mr. Jamey tried the whole vegetarian thing once. It lasted about two days."


Mr. Jamey (when explaining to people about drunk dialing): "Say this - this is a recording. leave your message after the beeep. I SAID SHUT UP!"
Daryl: "Is this a personal experience, Mr. Jamey?"
Mr. Jamey: "Yeeeessss."


I'll always love you, but I don't have to like you all the time.

>> April 5, 2009

I'm angry and hurt that my brother couldn't put himself aside long enough to sing me happy birthday and eat cake.

I know it's just human nature to be selfish, but I've got to admit that sometimes it really makes me MAD!

For crying out loud, it was just lighting some freaking CANDLES!

Of course, it didn't help that I haven't gotten enough sleep in weeks... I can't wait for summer.


"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." ~Mark Twain

>> April 1, 2009

I think the most attractive thing a person can have is joy.

Forget what people think, and just smile...

REALLY smile.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.
Proverbs 15:30


Jamey Quote of the Week

>> March 29, 2009

As Buford, the crazy Dad in Daddy's Dyin'




>> March 25, 2009

This is a shorter version of one of the scenes in Wheel of Time...
Forgive me for being a hopeless romantic, but this is adorable.

First, some background:
Perrin - Is a wolf-brother (which means he can talk to wolves), so he has an extra good sense of smell and hearing.
Faile - Is Perrin's wife. She has been giving him the silent treatment for some time because she thinks he is flirting with someone else (Berelain).
Perrin has just gotten back from a battle and unthroned a usurping queen (Colavaere).

"Faile, I missed you more than I can say, and worried about you, but-"

"Worried about me!" she snapped, spinning to face him. She stood straight and tall, eyes fierce as those of her falcon namesake, and her fan made a coring motion toward his middle. She made the same gesture with a knife sometimes. "When almost the first words from your mouth were to ask after that... that woman!"

His jaw dropped. How could he have forgotten the smell filling his nostrils? He nearly put a hand up to see whether his nose was bleeding. "Faile, I wanted her thief-catchers. Be-" No, he was not stupid enough to repeat that name. "She said she had proof of the poison before I left. You heard her! I just wanted the proof, Faile."

It did no good. That spiky stench (jealousy) softened not a whit, and the thin, sour smell of hurt joined it. What under the Light had he said to hurt her?

"Her proof! What I gathered went for nothing, but her proof put Colavaere's head on the block. Or should have." That was his opening, but she was not about to let him push a word in edgewise. She advanced on him, looking daggers, her fan darting like one. All he could do was back awa. "Do you know what story that woman put about?" Faile almost hissed. A black viper could not have dripped so much venom. "Do you? She said the reason you were not here was that you were at a manor not far from the city. Where she could visit you! I told the story I prepared-that you were hunting, and the Light knows you spent enough days hunting!-but everyone believed I was putting a good face on you and her! Together! Colavaere delighted in it. I could believe she only took that strumpet as an attendant to throw the two of us together. 'Faile, Berelain, come lace my gown.' 'Faile, Berelain, come homld the mirror for the hairdresser.' 'Faile, Berelain, come wash my back.' So she could amuse herself waiting for us to claw one another's eyes out! That is what I have put up with! For you, you hairy-eared--"

His back thumped against the wall. And something snapped inside him. He had been frightened spitless for her, terrified, ready to face down Rand or the Dark One himself. And he had none nothing, had never encouraged Berelain, had done everything in his wits to chase the woman away. For which his thanks was this

Gently he took her by the shoulders and lifted her until those big tilted eyes were level with his. "You listen to me," he said calmly. He tried to make his voice calm, at least; it came out more of a growl in his throat. "How dare you speak to me like that? How dare you? I worried myself near to death for fearyou'd been hurt. I love you, and nobody else but you. I want no other woman but you. Do yo hear me? Do you?" Crushing her to his ches, he held her, wanting never to let her go. Light, he had been so afraid. He shook even now, for what might have been. "If anything happened to you, I'd die, Faile. I would lie down on your grave and die! Do you think I don't know how Colavaere found out who you are? You made sure she found out." Spying, she had told him once, was a wife's work. "Light, woman, you could have ended like Maire (a servant who was done away with for spilling information). Colavaere knows you're my wife. My wife. Perrin Aybara, Rand al'Thor's friend. Did it ever occur to you she might be suspicious? She could have... Light, Faile, she could have..."

Abruptly he realized what he was doing. She was making sounds against his chest, but no words he could recognize. He wondered that he did not hear her ribs creaking. Berating himself for an oaf, he let her go, arms springing apart, but before he could apologize, her fingers clutched his beard.

"So you love me?" she said softly. Very softly. Very warmly. She was smiling, too. "A woman likes to hear that said the right way." She had dropped the fan, but her throaty laugh held heat, and the smoldering in her eyes was as far from anger as possible. "A good thing you didn't say you never looked at another woman, or I would think you had gone blind."

He was too stunned for words, too stunned even to gape. Perrin knew he would never understand women. She kept changing direction faster than he could think, yet this... That thorny scent was gone completely, and in its place was another smell of her he knew well. A smell that was her, pure and strong and clean. Add that to her eyes, and any moment she was going to say something about farmgirls at harvest. They were notorious, apparently, Saldaean farmgirls.

"As for you lying down on my grave," she went on, "if you do, my soul will haunt yours, I promise you. You will mourn me a decent time, and then you'll find yourself another wife. Someone I'd approve of, I hope." With a soft laugh, she stroked his beard. "You really aren't fit to take care of yourself, you know. I want your promise."

Best not to crack his teeth on that. Say he would not, and this wonderful mood might be swallowed in a firestorm. Quicksilver was not in it, really. Say he would... By the smell of her, every word was the Light's pure truth, but he would believe that when horses roosted in trees. He cleared his throat, "I need to bathe. I haven't seen soap in I don't know how long. I must smell like an old barn."

Leaning against his chest, she drew a deep breath. "You smell wonderful. Like you." Her hands moved on his shoulders. "I feel as--" the door banged open.

(At this point, they are interrupted for a while by another character, and Perrin tries to convince him not to kill some people.)

"My husband," Faile breathed, "you have the courage of three men. And the sense of a child on leading strings. Why is it that as a man's courage goes up, his sense goes down?"

Perrin grunted indignantly. He refrained from mentioning women who set themselves to spy on people who had committed murders and almost certainly knew they were spying. Women always talked about how logical they were compared to men, but for himself, he had seen precious little of it.

"Well, perhaps I don't really want the answer even if you know it." Stretching with her arms over her head, she gave a throaty laugh. "Besides, I don't mean to let him spoil the mood. I still feel as forward as a farmgirl at-- Why are you laughing? Stop laughing at me, Perrin t'Bashere Aybara! Stop it, I say, you uncouth oaf! If you don't--"

The only way to put an end to it was to kiss her. In her arms he forgot Rand and Aes Sedai and battles. Where Faile was, was home.

If you read all that, congratulations, and perhaps you see how amazing Wheel of Time is and start reading it... lol
Pardon my sappiness... I just love it :D


I am well on my way...

>> March 16, 2009

to having my dad's birthday present all finished :D

I'll show you guys next week... after his birthday :D


Jamey Quote of the Week

>> March 14, 2009

He just can't help it... he's so quotable.

"If you were a boy or a dog, you'd pee all over him."



>> March 11, 2009

I just got up at one in the morning and made peanut butter chocolate bars.

But my homework still isn't finished =/


No longer pounding.

>> March 8, 2009

'A' not 'I'
'O' not 'Ow'
no longer pounding in our brains.

Yes... that's right... My Fair Lady is over...

but we went out with a BANG!

It was our best show yet! we had so much fun.

Jamey even said I did the best he'd seen the entire run :D

Now we just have to wait for Daddy's Dying to run! I'm excited about Stage Managering for this show... and even more excited that I get to come and watch the rehearsals without learning lines... lol

I still have to write down craploads of blocking though... oh well, it'll be fun!

Something else I'm looking forward to is May 27. Even though I don't get to be at PCT for Daddy's Dying closing weekend, I get to go to Spain to visit my cousins for three weeks :D
I might even get to meet someone from flickr who I admire: La.No

Yay! a look into my life :D


I am glad...

>> February 26, 2009

that I have God on my side.


There aren't words to describe how happy I am!

>> February 17, 2009

Jamey hates the stage, so he's repainting it!


We did really well... even though the first act was two hours long...


We know how to fix some things!


All the costume changes seem to be going smoothly


Elena is really good!


I love the word yay, it's so happy!


last night was 10x better than Forum's tech week!


I have the two best shows: the second show, and closing!


Henry Higgins is amazing!


I get to see my 2 best friends every day for a week!


I get to kill someone in a horror film!


I love my life right now. :D


Last time I checked...

>> February 16, 2009

People didn't have houses made out of a single, unbroken piece of marble...

But apparently Henry Higgins does... except it doesn't look like marble.

It looks like Dr. Seuss barfed on our stage.


In better news... tech week starts today! It's probably going to put us all in a very bad mood... but it will help us perfect our show!

hooray for stepping it up a notch!


Valentine's Day Rehearsal

>> February 15, 2009

Today we had a rehearsal. We did really bad...

Plus, like no one was there because of several different things... but most of the people who were gone were at a speech tournament... all day... sucks for them :/

I gave Valentines to several people... and all of them seemed to have their day made :D yay!

My director gave me a sparkly ballgown... it fits like a glove... and now I have all my costumes!

We started to run the show from beginning to end... but we only got as far as "I could Have Danced All Night," because we haven't run the beginning of the show for a long time... and we sucked... and we kept having to redo songs and scenes... and Pickering wasn't paying attention/didn't know his lines... GRRR! And Higgins had forgotten some lines and blocking. And so had everyone else D=

So yeah... we did really bad... and then, at the end of the rehearsal, I peeled a bit of dry skin off my lip (yeah.. i know that's kind of weird and nasty) and I was bleeding uncontrollably for about 10 minutes... and everyone was freaking out... lol... but it finally stopped bleeding on the way home.

While I was trying to stop the bleeding, my mom and my director were having a conversation about changing backstage... and they were talking about completely different aspects of it. My director thought my mom was complaining/worrying about modesty when she was really worrying about how many racks we'd need for hanging clothes on... because there are a million girls with a million dresses... and we need lots of hanging space...

So many things are already going on... and then, tomorrow starts Tech week... Set build for eight hours... and then, Monday-Thursday, long rehearsals every night... and then Friday, we open...

I'm scared... but being scared will help us do well... anyway... Please pray for everyone to get focused and in sync with each other so we can make this show amazing.



>> February 14, 2009

I just remembered that I love this song, so I thought I'd share with you :D.

Everything Glorious: David Crowder*Band

The day is brighter here with You
The night is lighter than its hue
Would lead me to believe
Which leads me to believe

You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
And I am Yours
What does that make me?

My eyes are small but they have seen
the beauty of enormous things
Which leads me to believe
there's light enough to see that

You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
And I am Yours

From glory to glory
You are glorious You are glorious
From glory to glory
You are glorious. You are glorious
Which leads me to believe
why I can believe that

You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
And I am Yours
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
And I am Yours

From glory to glory From glory to glory
You are glorious. You are glorious.
You are glorious. You are glorious.

God, you make everything glorious! Even Valentine's Day!
Thank you for my friends. Thank you for the great weather. Thank you that you are worthy of praise. Thank you that you love me!

God, I don't care what anyone says... you are my valentine :D


This made me feel so happy :D

>> February 11, 2009

"In the contents of People that I know, Atheists, Twins, Gays, Christians, Jews, Agnostics, Famous Actors, Famous Musicians, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Communists, Extremely attractive people, Pyromaniacs, Hippies, someone confused for a Vampire, Emos, Former Goths, and an Amazing Painter. I Love them all!"

According to you, my dear friend, I am extremely attractive. Thanks for that. :D


Help, please!

>> February 4, 2009

I have to make a short film... and I have NO ideas!


are you happy now?

>> February 1, 2009

I have a manly cousin who goes by the alias of Sullied Knight.

He is 22... which means he's old for a cousin.

Even though he is an old kid, he is still quite the ladies man... perhaps more so

He loves to shoot firecrackers and throw them into wells and trash cans.

He likes to lift really heavy things so he can show off his manliness... especially around the ladies.

The Sullied Knight has a sensitive side however... He loves kids and kids love him...

He likes to tell stories to his less manly cousins... with characters such as Stu, Du, and Id... short for Stupid, Dumb, and Idiot... but those three are to be put away until he has nephews and nieces and little second cousins.

Another thing he really enjoys is carting all his younger cousins around in his car.

Check out the Sullied Knight at his blog:


Hear Us from Heaven

>> January 31, 2009

Lord, hear our cry
Come heal our land
Breathe life into these dry and thirsty souls
Lord, hear our prayer
Forgive our sin
And as we call on your name
Would you make this a place
For your glory to dwell

Open the blind eyes
Unlock the deaf ears
Come to your people
As we draw near
Hear us from heaven
Touch our generation
We are your people
Crying out in desperation

Hear us from heaven!

God, fix us!


I think this is my favorite Bible verse:

>> January 29, 2009

Tonight I was having my quiet time, and I read John 14.

One verse sticks out to me every time I read this chapter, which is about God's promises of Heaven, and the Holy Spirit.

John 14:27
I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. and the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.


Give me some Vitamin C

>> January 25, 2009

I'm getting a sore throat...

I need to get better before tech week...

This does not bode well... D=


Acting and Speaking

>> January 22, 2009

Speech day at worldviews is always fun... well... the dressing up part is...

I'm not too big of a fan of actually giving the speeches...

I don't know how I can like acting so much and not public speaking... wait... I DO know.

I like acting so much because you get to pretend to be someone else, and if you mess up, it wasn't you, it was your character... and the general audience doesn't know the difference... plus, the script is written for you.

I hate speaking so much because it's all you, and you have to write your own script and everybody knows if you messed up.


I've been really stressed lately, about my lines, my rehearsals, my homework... balancing everything... but there's one thing that's stressing me more than anything.

My friend "Yaroslav" (I'm changing his name... obviously). I LOVE him... he is the best guy friend I have EVER had. I know I shouldn't be stressing about this because it's in God's hands, but Yaroslav is not a Christian... and I desperately want to change that. At times it's just so hard to believe that he's not a Christian, because he's ALWAYS happy, and usually nice to everyone... even if he hates them... but I know he's not. He has made a big impact on my life, and I really want to make a big impact on his...

I'm trying to be Christlike, especially around him... but sometimes it's really difficult.

The other day, I was explaining my speech for today to him... which was about the Sistine Chapel Ceiling... we got into a deep discussion about the symbolism in the painting. At one point I mentioned how I didn't think it was biblical for Michelangelo to put Sibyls (Greek prophetesses who were in the Oracles) in his painting, because those women, who were supposed to prophesy, had been breathing sulfuric fumes and speaking gibberish. He then asked me a question I couldn't answer: "What do you believe makes a prophecy?" That really threw me off... it made me think really hard. Finally, I said something like this, "I believe that prophecies are from God. I believe the prophecies in the Bible because most of them have already come true, right down to the letter. I believe that that is cause enough to believe in the ones that haven't come true yet, because, logically, if so many people predict the same things, and most of them have come true, then the ones that haven't come true yet are highly likely to also be true."

I told him that I want to live for God even if there isn't a God, because if there is a God then I get an eternal reward, and if there isn't a God, then at least I lived a life worth living.

I feel like Yaroslav is searching, because, when I apologized for dumping my beliefs on him, he said he enjoyed hearing it... I don't know exactly what is going on with him, but he said he has beliefs but that he doesn't know how to explain them... He also said that he believes Jesus was a real person. I think Yaroslav is the kind of person who bases everything on what can be proven.

Anyway... Please pray for me to be able to radiate Jesus so I can be a witness to Yaroslav through my actions. Please pray for Yaroslav to find what he is looking for.



>> January 20, 2009

I drew this during church because I was bored.

It's Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.




>> January 16, 2009

I slept until 1:30 today, and I still haven't gotten out of bed!

I guess I'm catching up from when I was up til four.

I had better get my geometry and chemistry done, because I have rehearsals ALL day tomorrow.


Wow... this is a first... two blogs in one day.

>> January 15, 2009

Here is the story about my issues with stupid CD burners...

soo... I need to burn this CD. My Fair Lady, to be exact, because the one I had belonged to my friend and I gave it back today, because she needs to listen to it too.

We have no blank CDs in our house, so I asked for one from my voice teacher. She gave me one... but there was no way to tell which side was the side I needed to burn... both sides were the same.

I get home, and I take the blank CD, write "My Fair Lady" on it, and stick it into my laptop. I click the 'burn CD' button, and it tells me to put in a blank CD. That means that I wrote the "My Fair Lady" on the wrong side of the CD!

I turn the CD over and stick it back in on the off chance that it will work... and I burn an MP3 instead of an Audio CD.

So now I can't play the CD in the car even if it does work!

I take out the CD and put it back in, to test if the CD will work even with Sharpie on the wrong side.

It didn't work.

I microwaved that CD (btw, it's SO cool!).

So, I asked my dad if I could burn an audio CD onto a DVD-R, since we have an abundance of those... don't ask me why, we never burn DVDs... EVER... He said he didn't know, so I said I would try it... then my dad was like, "wait, that won't work."


My Fair Costumes

My Fair Lady costumes (1912-like clothes) are proving difficult to find.

I think I need about ten costumes.

Cockney everyday clothes
Cockney Sunday best clothes
A white blouse that looks good
Two flowing skirts that aren't too full
A nightgown... i think... i'm not even sure about that.
A fancy black and white dress for the horse races... plus a ginormous black and white hat
A ballgown (I think my director might be providing that one)
A skirt suit
An evening dress (I've got that... it's purple... and it's really pretty! but it needs to be taken in a little)

on top of that, I need a maid costume and another ball gown... but I might be able to use the purple dress... as long as I'm not sharing costumes with my counterparts...

Tonight I have a voice lesson from 4:30-5:15 and a rehearsal from 5-6 for just me and Freddy... and then a rehearsal from 6-9 with everyone else... grrrrrrawr... I wish they didn't overlap.

I need to be off book... but I'm not...

Being a lead is STRESSFUL.


I only hate two people.

>> January 12, 2009

It's true. My hate list is not long... Two obnoxious human beings. Stupid people... why do those two boys have to make it so difficult to NOT hate them...

But it's still too long.

I've decided to try to stop hating them. It's going to be difficult, but with God's help I can do anything... even be civil to two annoying boys...

Please pray that I will have the self control to not be so sarcastically mean all the time to those people, even when they say something stupid. Even when they laugh at their own jokes. Even when they won't shut their mouths. Even when they are so ADD that it drives me insane. Pray that I will be nice to them. Pray for God's strength in me.


Why don't I sleep?

>> January 8, 2009

I think I'm becoming nocturnal... but that has to change! NOW! because school is starting again... grrr...

hmmm... I wonder what would happen if I were nocturnal.

I would have no friends.
I'd do pointless stuff.
I'd never become an actress.
I'd never go anywhere except maybe WalMart... and I hate WalMart.

no. I don't want to be nocturnal.

sunshine is my friend.

and now... to sleep!


What is Love?

>> January 4, 2009

I always feel so stupid writing in my diary about boys.

Why? Because my view of love is all wrong. I've never actually been in love, so I don't know what it is. What I do know is that what I think is love is nowhere near what love actually is.

In 7th grade I thought I loved one guy. Not long afterward, I thought I loved another guy. Just a few months later, I thought I loved still another guy. Currently, sometimes I think I love yet another guy. That is not love. None of it is really real.

I think that part of truly loving someone is wanting to grow old with them. True Love isn't something you can "fall out of." Any "love" that can change so quickly, unexpectedly, and abruptly is not love at all, but merely an unhealthy infatuation.

I'm pretty sure that most of us have experienced such infatuations. We tend to meet a person, find ourselves attracted to them, and then fantasize about our life together and our perfect relationship and our perfect wedding and how many kids we'll have, even though we barely know them. Later, we realize that that person is a jerk and we were just wasting our time.

I'm not saying we shouldn't be attracted to people. After all, attraction is one of the first steps toward true love. Attraction is not bad in and of itself; its "badness" (for lack of a better word) is based on what we make of it. Attraction does not have to lead to infatuation.

The opposite of love is selfishness. Infatuation and lust are forms of selfishness, because you are seeking to please yourself by your unrealistic fantasies instead of pleasing God by looking out for the other person and helping guard their heart.

I wish it were easy to control our emotions toward other people, but the honest truth is, it's tough. Anyone who has had a "crush" knows this. What we need to do is to TRY to prevent these things. Unfortunately, we'll never be able to prevent infatuation on our own. We can't do anything without God except maybe sin. We have to trust in God, and ask for guidance, as well as help with guarding the hearts and minds of ourselves and those around us.


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