I made this collage

>> October 12, 2008

I think this about says what my life is like right now... (click the image to see it big so you can actually read it)

In other words... the reason my life has been sucking so much lately is because I've pushed my one true love, Jesus, off to the side... I've been trying to please myself instead of glorifying Him and doing what's best for others.


Another poem

>> October 7, 2008

The Train

Through the dark and lonely tunnel
Rushing, rushing
Alone in a crowd

Nothing but the sound of voices
Rushing, rushing
Alone in a crowd

Think about the trials coming
Rushing, rushing
Alone in a crowd

See the others held and holding
Rushing, rushing
Alone in a crowd

Wish that he were here beside me
Rushing, rushing
Alone in a crowd

Close my eyes and see him smiling
Rushing, rushing
Alone no more


Oh Crap. I'm it.

>> October 4, 2008

3 Joys:
1) Plano Children's Theatre
2) Pine Cove

3 Fears:
1) loss of a loved one
2) clowns
3) An angry Mr. Jamey

3 Obsessions:
1) Facebook
2) editing pictures
3) World of Warcraft

3 Surprising Facts about me:
1) I'm dying my hair black temporarily for my next show.
2) I have some Russian cartoons on VHS tape in my bedroom.
3) I can write my name in Japanese!!! 尚美.
尚 means esteemed
美 means beauty



Rehearsal today was beastly... and I found some costume pieces, eliminating the need to spend extra money... but even better was that afterwards I got to hang out with some of my favorite people ever: Katherine, Blakedrew, and Emily!


we walked to McDonalds. Blakedrew ordered food for his mother, who was in a rehearsal, but then she called and said she wasn't going to eat, so he gave the extra food to me and Katherine. I love McDonalds fries.

We sat in McDonalds for like 45 minutes talking about funny Princess Bride show moments... it was the bomb.

Then we walked back to the PCT area and hung out in the quad... which was amazing... we talked about everything and nothing in particular, and I discovered that I think Katherine is my favorite person ever.

I would have stayed longer, but when I found out that the others were staying until later, it was too late. That's OK though. I would just now have been getting home, and that's a really long time... but i would have had fun.

Right now I'm just sitting in my room being reclusive and depressing... staying at PCT would have been better than this... Oh well...


Bumper Stickers

>> October 3, 2008

Are better than flair... because you can only have 56 buttons on your flairboard, but you can have an unlimited amount of bumper stickers... and it shows who you got the sticker from on your profile.

This is not to say that I don't love flair anymore... I still love flair, I just love bumper stickers more.

The Bumper Stickers (New) app is better than the old one because it has a search feature... I just recently switched over to the new version... actually this morning. It's pretty cool...

wow... I'm a boring person.



I really hate writing papers.

>> October 1, 2008

It's so easy... it just takes too long (don't you hate it when an easy task takes up massive amounts of time?!?)... but it's due tomorrow, so I'd better start working harder.

I've written all of three sentences of a 3-5 page paper. grr.

Stupid Dante and his stupid Catholic/Pagan/Christian worldviews... D=

I'd rather be on the phone (which is a big deal for me... I hate the phone!)... or wasting my time editing pictures... or trying to fool my cousins into believing I have to wear glasses... or just saying sexy to annoy Kirsten.

I don't want to work on my paper. rawr. I'd rather be at PCT... or at a skating rink... or at Six Flags... or at the State Fair... or at the mall... or at Pine Cove

No. Actually, I'd rather be with Mike... or Chloe... or PCT kids...

I'd rather go to a movie... or write a poem... or read a book... or watch Babylon 5... or eat lunch (even though I'm not hungry)... or go work out... or read random blogs... or read my Bible... or memorize my lines

I'd rather do pretty much anything besides write a paper, but write a paper I must!

So I will go forth and tackle this time consuming assignment.


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