A poem I wrote

>> September 28, 2008

Fifteen Seconds or Mike's Philosophy

Some people drive me crazy.
The way they talk to me,
Their smiles all seem phony.
They feel compelled to converse,
And put up a facade.

Fifteen seconds: all I need
To learn if you're worthwhile.
If not, your words are paid no heed.
Congratulations if you fit
My standards set up high.

Not many earn attention.
Those who do are sincere,
Not moved by forced reception.
They make me happy naturally,
Don't even have to try.


Friday Night

>> September 1, 2008

Friday night was the bomb. The Gomels and I were honing our creeper skills

Chelsea and Chloe picked me up to go to the HSAA football game in Rockwall. It was at an elementary school in a downtown neighborhood. We drove to where it was supposed to be and missed a turn... we drove by a school and saw some people in football uniforms, but when we drove up to the field it was a bunch of little kids having a football practice... therefore... we "got lost" near an elementary school. we eventually found the actual place...

We sat down for a while watching the football game... but none of us like football, so we climbed the fence and went to this awesome castle playground and sat in the chair swings and gave people nicknames that they will never know.

Then we went back under the fence to the football game... we started messing with cameras, and Chelsea took a picture of a few guys from the opposite team and then was checking out their butts... by zooming in with her camera...

When the game ended (this is the disappointing part) we lost 47-20... so that sucked... but someone was dehydrated and and had to be rushed to the hospital... that was pretty interesting... Anyway, we decided to go to IHOP

So we left and were trying to get back to Plano... and we got lost for real because of all the one way streets... so we had to call Mr. Gomel to get directions. Meanwhile, I was talking to Mike on the phone, and somehow we had ended up talking about syrup... of course, confusing everyone else in the car... that was fun.

We eventually got to IHOP... let me tell you, it's pretty shady in the middle of the night... wierd people go there... and usually it's completely full, especially after midnight. Anyway, this guy came in with a pretty big group of teenagers, and Chelsea knew him, so she said hi... well... he just looked at her like she was crazy... and later, he came to our table, and he was like, "I'm sorry, but who are you?" So we knew someone who didn't know us...

After we ate, we went to the Gomel's house... but before we got there, we drove by this guy's house twice (because this is the person that Chloe is stalking), and when we got to the Gomel's house, we went into Chelsea's room and looked at every single photo of that person on facebook...

Needless to say, we made a quiz on quizfarm.com about being a creeper...

Are you a creeper?


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