I'm Gone

>> June 25, 2008

This morning I'm leaving for San Antonio with the SLU graduates. Leave comments on the blog, as well as on Myspace and Facebook, for me to read when I get back! We're gonna have a blast!

see y'all later!



>> June 22, 2008

I went to lunch with Corinn this morning after church.

We went to Pei Wei... i love Chinese food. it was yummy. After eating, Corinn called her dad to come pick us up, but I didn't call my dad.

Phil picked us up, and we drove along, until we had to stop at a red light. My dad called at that exact moment and told me he was on his way to pick me up. He said he was at the intersection of Park and Alma, and asked where we were. "Park and Alma," I replied. He thought I was repeating what he just said, so he asked where we were again. I said, "in the silver car across the street. I can see you right now!"

We had a good laugh over that coincidence after I switched cars in the parking lot of a nearby office complex.


It's been a while (Facebook)

>> June 21, 2008

I've been pressing my parents (with the help of my parents' friends) to get a facebook for a while (actually it was mostly my parents friends work). It finally worked. My mom was not that hard to convince, because she saw that all her friends were getting facebook and having a great time. My dad was a little harder to coerce... it took the hard work of the Speers and the Stueves (actually, just them saying it was a facebook Scrabulous/Word Twist night) to convince him. Before he left I asked him if he was prepared for the onslaught of pressure. He replied that he knew they were going to try and force him to get a Facebook, but he thought he'd probably not ever update it, so he was prepared to try and get away without getting one. Turns out that if you didnt have a Facebook you wouldn't have any fun at the game night... so my dad got one. Everyone needs to comment him a lot so he will get the email notifications and actually get online every once in a while. And send him lots of geeky flair. I think I'll go send him flair RIGHT NOW! hmm... maybe something about a "bad sign" and a car driving off a cliff... or maybe something about World of Warcrack.


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