>> April 25, 2008

I'm waiting for my Naruto to download. I hope it works!

Anyway, America did a TERRIBLE job voting for American Idol.

The bottom two were Syesha and Carly, and Carly got voted off. It so should have been Brooke or Jason. I love Jason and his beautiful eyes, but he really needs to go now. My top 3 WERE David Cook, David Archuleta, and Carly Smithson, but now that CARLY got voted off (stupid America), I guess I'll have to add Syesha instead. David Archuleta will probably win, since he has such a huge fanbase, but I hope it will be David Cook.

Well, my Naruto is done downloading, so I'd better go.

Sorry for my rant.


Did Christianity Cause the Fall of Rome?

>> April 22, 2008

  • Paragraph 1: Describe the gods' protection of Priam before the altar as told by Virgil
  • Paragraph 2: Describe the kind of gods to whom Rome was content to entrust its protection
  • Paragraph 3: Describe the Christian view of history

I can sum up this whole assignment in one sentence:
Christianity did not cause the fall of Rome, it was the Roman religion.

I have no motivation to write this paper at all. How the crap am I supposed to fill three paragraphs with the information I have? I can't even think what to write in the introduction.

Why the heck does school have to run this long...
Of course, I should look at the bright side. I have only twelve hours of class time left, while public school has 5 1/2 five day weeks left... at eight hours a day! I shouldn't be complaining, but I have spring fever, and I have it BAD. I don't feel like doing anything at all, least of all preparing this paper and next week's five minute speech. At least I'm done with Math and Science.

I need to pray for motivation.



>> April 20, 2008

I get my braces off Wednesday morning.


Oh, and caramel corn


Wow... School is almost over

>> April 11, 2008

I just finished the last page in my biology workbook.

I'm sad. That means that Nathan and Eli are leaving PATH soon. That's along with Erik, Zoe, and the Duncans, the Moellendorfs, and Joslynn. Next year is going to be different. Way different. We'll have a new director and assistant director. A new treasurer, and an incomplete band. Not to mention, I'll be the last one of the people who were my friends when I came last year.

I'm really going to miss Eli and Nathan. At least we will still get together. Hopefully VERY often.

At least Chloe, Sophie, and Jessica are coming back. I won't be without old friends at PATH. I just don't know who will play electric guitar and bass. I should take up bass... I don't know.

One thing I know for sure. WALL-E. My biology alumni WILL go see it... even if I have to drag them with me, which I know I won't.

Pray for our co-op, with all the transitions, and new people, and old people leaving.


I can't sleep

>> April 2, 2008

so, yeah, its my birthday now.

i cant sleep...

I'm worried about finishing my homework

I wish my leaf collection would do itself.

I wish my paper would do itself.

i wish I could sleep.

I wonder what we'll do at my birthday party.

I didn't plan anything.

random fun my friends.


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