Ack. Worldviews

>> January 31, 2008

Be prepared for a rather lengthy rant about Plato.

This morning is the morning I go to Worldviews class for three hours. At least this time it will be something worth listening to for the first half of class. The past few weeks have been really boring, especially for the first half of class. Mrs. Stewart was reading Plato's republic, and for about the first hour, none of us have our books because they are getting graded, so Mrs. Stewart just gave us the answers. It is really hard for me to listen to something that boring since I'm a visual/kinetic learner, so I just wouldn't try to concentrate because, what's the point, I can't write the answers down! For the next half of class, we had our books, so I listened to that part because I could write the answers. I told my dad about this, and he said I should try to listen, but I told him I couldn't, it was too boring and she was giving us the answers anyway. So he lectured me about how I should listen even though there's no point to... But if I can't gather the answers by listening (since I obviously don't know the questions themselves), why listen? Oh. Another thing about Plato is that while some of his ideas may be OK, others are just plain STUPID! I mean, having a parent not even know who their kid is... wow... sometimes I think Plato must have been insane. NOT TO MENTION, he was GAY... ew.

It's a good thing we're done with Plato's Republic, or else I might have an even longer rant next time. If you've even bothered reading to this point, you either like laughing at rants or you actually care what I think. Also, some of my readers (Chloe for example) might sympathize with me, knowing exactly how I feel. I just can't wait for this class to be over for the summer.


Haha!! Best Show EVER!

>> January 30, 2008

You might have heard, but I'm in the Princess Bride with PCT. We are the first people to legally reproduce the movie on stage. (Stueves, do y'all want to come, by the way?) The Princess Bride is a movie I could not get tired of if I watched it every day for a week. I've even memorized most of the lines (if only it were that easy to memorize bible verses...).

What's more, I have the best scene in the movie.


Of course, Jamey changed it a little to accommodate the wonderful acting of four girls. Instead of Miracle Max and Valerie, it's Miracle Maxine, Valerie, and Malorie. I'm Malorie, and am single cast (I'm on all 12 shows). Our scene is by far my favorite in the entire play.

On a heavier note, here are the dates of the show:

February 22 @ 7:15
February 23 @ 2:15
February 23 @ 7:15
February 24 @ 2:15

February 29 @ 7:15
March 1 @ 2:15
March 1 @ 7:15
March 2 @ 2:15

March 6 @ 7:15 (this is a Thursday)
March 7 @ 7:15
March 8 @ 2:15
March 8 @ 7:15

The show will be at the PCT theater @ Custer and 15th street.

let me know if you want to come.

P.S. Mrs. Stueve said she wanted to help with set build. Set build is February 17. I don't know what time that will be yet. If you still want to come, I'll let you know. We need all the help we can get.


It's Been a While. (Family Force 5)

>> January 26, 2008

But here I am again.

This weekend I went to a concert with Corinn and Nancy for Corinn's birthday.

My mom told me they were going to pick me up from school at 11:30, so I left class at the expected time and set to waiting. However, someone had told Nancy to leave her house at 12:00, so I sat waiting for 45 minutes for them to come. My class got out at 12, and my friends were mad at me for not coming back. When the Purdys finally got there, we headed straight for the airport and met my dad, who gave us our tickets for the plane. I promptly put mine in my purse.

We went into the airport and got through security, but when we got to the gate, I realized that my ticket was NOT in my purse like I had thought, so we had to call my dad, who had left his phone at home. I called his cell first, and he didn't answer, so then I called his work phone. He rushed out to Nancy's van, found the tickets, and headed to the airport from HQ. He got to the gate with my tickets JUST as the door was closed, so we just barely missed our plane. We listed for the next flight, but it was full, so we had to wait for the next flight. That flight was full too, so we listed for the next flight, the one that left at 5:30. We made that one, but we got to the venue after the concert had started.

Family Force Five's merchandise girl, Chloe (who is a good friend of the Purdys), ran out and gave us hugs. She thought we had died, because Nancy had turned her phone off. The concert was great. Chloe let us go with the "golden ticket" people to the very front of the stage to watch FF5, so we were staring up all their noses, and Derek (Chapstique) almost hit Corinn in the head with his guitar. I got some great pictures. After that we went to the merchandise counter, only to find Chloe had gotten a nosebleed.

The Purdys and I ran the merch counter, hoping that Chloe would come back soon. She didn't come back. Her nose bled for 30 whole minutes. In the meantime, the credit card machine wasn't working, so we were desperately trying to get it to work, while asking for people who had cash on hand to buy first. The lighting guy, Zach, came and tried to fix the machine, but it required a password, so he had to go ask Josh (Fatty) what it was. We finally fixed the machine, and finished selling. The rush was over when Chloe finally came back. After everyone left, we helped pack up the merch counter... (that took a really long time). Afterward, we went to the tour bus and talked with the band some.

Overall, it turned out fine, but I felt bad for forgetting my tickets. My mom says that God probably worked it out just the way it needed to be. For example, we made it in time to save Chloe's butt when she had that nosebleed. She says God probably let me forget my ticket to protect us from something. If we look at the facts, I thought about letting Nancy keep my tickets, but I didn't. If I had remembered about my dad forgetting his cell phone, I would have called his work phone instead, and he might have made it. My dad had to wait at like four traffic lights, if it had been just a little bit fewer, he would have made it. Even before we got the itinerary, my mom thought about telling us to try for the flight before the one we did, but she didn't. The way God works is truly amazing. He can use our human errors for his good.


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