Braces are not fun.

>> September 25, 2007

Yesterday I went to the orthodontist to get my braces adjusted.

So they take out my wires and look at my teeth, and the first thing they do is get this thingy with diamond dust on it and attach it to a vibrator. They stick it between my teeth and strip off some of my enamel because "my teeth are too big, and they need to be smaller to match my small lateral incisors on top."

They make a bunch of space between my teeth (oh, and by the way that vibration HURT!!) and then they say "So what color chain do you want?"

In my head I'm thinking... Oh great... another one of these... (the last power chain was WAY painful and hard to brush around) I say I want orange.

Dr. Nguyen (haha... Vietnamese is so funny looking... her name is pronounced Wen) then proceeds to stretch the t-i-n-y chain from bracket to bracket all the way across the bottom.

Luckily my mouth didn't start hurting until after my rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors, but it hurts like HECK today!!


Mighty to Save

>> September 22, 2007

Mighty to Save, by Hillsong United. One of my favorite Pine Cove songs:

Verse 1:

Everyone needs compassion
Love that's never failing
Let mercy fall on me

Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a savior
The hope of nations


He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save

Author of Salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus Conquered the grave

Verse 2:

So take me as you find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again

I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I Surrender


Shine your light and
Let the whole world see
We're singing for the glory
Of the risen King
Jesus Shine your light and
Let the whole world see
We're singing for the glory
Of the risen King

Chorus x2



Today's the Day, the Sun is Shining...

>> September 21, 2007

And we're going to Downtown Plano... or we did.

It was fun... and hot...

So, we went to Haggard park. walked around. In the heat.

Then we went to Queen of Hearts. There was this guy in there that looked just like Jamey Jamison, my director from Charlie Brown. It wasn't him, but he was dressed just like him, and looked surprisingly similar from both the back and the front. But it wasn't him... scary.

So then we walked down to the candy shop and got... you guessed it... CANDY! Hooray!

(i just tooted really loud. just in case you wanted to know... I didn't think so... so sorry)

(Oh, speaking of that. Marcel, you're probably going to say, "You're bored aren't you?" So on that note, Chad Bryant from PATH keeps asking me if I'm bored... Did you talk to him? Its kinda scaring me.)

Next, we went to FUSION CAFE! Yummy coffee... and math... stupid math... it takes too much time... but anyway, that was yummy to say the least.

After that we went to hang out in the playground, (which by the way is tiny and I've outgrown it) and sat around in the heat.

And then we went home.

So ends my adventure.

NOW FOR SCRAPBOOK NIGHT... AND HOMEWORK!! I hate homework with a passion...



>> September 18, 2007

I need a topic.

there seem to be less and less every time I want to post something.

So, um, last night I watched She's the Man... good movie. A little strange.

ummmm... Don't know what to say...

Youth band at our church is going ok, but Charles won't let me sing.

Anyone want to donate some money so I can get myself an amp for my guitar, and maybe an electric?

I don't figure so.

Oh! you could also donate a few dollars to the buy Naomi a laptop for herself fund.

If I didn't have t0 pay for Pine Cove, I'd be able to buy a laptop in less than 6 months. But I'd rather go to Pine Cove than have a laptop, though that would be nice.

Do you know how spoiled I'd be if I were an only child?

DING DING DING DING!! The answer is Super duper uber spoiled. And what else... No one would like me.

I'm glad I'm not an only child, even though I wish sometimes i were, cuz then I could get pretty much anything from my parents.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rambling on...


The Library

>> September 14, 2007

Is supposed to be a GREAT place to do homework. Today it's not. It's wAAAy too distracting to me!

OK, so I was supposed to do all my homework, then I read a magazine, then I looked for books, then I tried to do some homework & almost fell asleep, And now...


What the freak.

Maybe I should get a study room... =P

I think I will. Well, after I do some other things... DANG IT!


Incorrigible Truculence

>> September 12, 2007

I have been reading the Iliad for school. I like it, for the most part... some of the books are so boring, and they just talk about how Blah Blah Blah killed Blah Blah Blah by throwing his spear so that it landed on top of his head and poked out through his chin... you get the picture.

Some parts are really funny, though. Like this part in book 5:

... The grey-eyed goddess Athena hastened to Diomedes. By his char she found him resting, trying to cool the wound Pandaros' arrow gave him. Spent and drenched with sweat beneath his broad shield strap, he felt encumbered by his shield, being arm-weary, and slipped the strap off, wiped his blood away. The goddess put her hand upon the yoke that joined his battle team, and said:

"Ah, yes, a far cry from his father, Tydeus' son. Tydeus was a small man, but a fighter. Once I forbade him war or feats of arms that time he went as a messenger to Thebes alone, detached from the Akhaian host, amid Kademeians in their multitude. Bidden to dine at ease in their great hall, combative as he always was, he challenged the young Kademeians-and he had no trouble pinning them all, I took his part so well. but you, now-here I stand with you, by heaven, protect you, care for you, tell you to fight, but you are either sluggish in the legs from battle-weariness or hollow hearted somehow with fear: you are not, after all, the son of Tydeus."

(this part is boring, I know, but it leads up to the funny part)

Proud Diomedes answered her:

"I know you, goddess, daughter of Zeus who bears the stormcloud. With all respect, I can explain, and will. No fear is in me, and no weariness; I simply bear in mind your own commands. You did expressly say I should not face the blissful gods in fight-that is, unless Aphrodite came in. One might feel free to wound her, anyway. So you commanded, and therefore I am giving ground myself and ordering all the Argives to retire shoulder to shoulder here, because I know the master of battle over there is Ares."

(Funny comes soon)

The grey-eyed goddess answered:

"Diomedes, dear to my heart, no matter what i said, you are excusedc from it; you must not shrink from Ares or from any other god while I am with you. Whip your team toward Ares, hit him, hand to hand, defer no longer to this maniacal god my nature evil, two-faced everywhere. Not one hour ago I heard him grunt his word to Hera and myself to fight on the Argive side; now he forgets all that and joins the Trojans."

(see, its building up now...)

Even as she spoke, she elbowed [the driver] aside and threw him, but gave him a quick hand-up from the ground., while she herself, impetuous for war, mounted with Diomedes. At her step the oaken axle groaned, having to bear goddess and hero. Formidable Athena caught up the whip and reins and drove the horses hard and straight at Ares.

Brute that he was, just at that point he had begun despoiling a giant of a man, the Aitolians' best, Periphas, brilliant scion of Okhesios. the bloodstained god had downed him. but Athena, making herself invisible to Ares, put on the helm of the Lord of Undergloom. then Ares saw Diomedes, whirled, and left Periphas lying where he fell. Straight toward Diomedes lunged the ruffian god. When they arrived in range of one another, Ares, breasting his adversary's horses, rifled his spear over the yoke and reins with murderous aim. Athena caught and deflected it with one hand and sent it bounding harmless from the car.

(here it comes!)

Now Diomedes put his weight behind his own bronze headed spear. Athena rammed it at Ares' belted waist so hard that she put a gash in his fair flesh, and pulled the spearhead out again.

(Here it is!)

Then brazen Ates howled to heaven, terrible to hear as roaring from ten thousand men in battle when long battalions clash. A pang of fear ran throught the hearts of Trojans and Akhaians, deafened by insatiable Ares' roar. Like a black vapor from a thunderhead riding aloft on stormwind brewed by heat, so brazen Ares looked to Diomedes as he rose heavenward amid the clouds. High on Olympus, crag of the immortals, he came to rest by the Lord Zeus.. Aching, mortified, he showed his bleeding wound and querulously addressed him:

(It gets better.)

"Father Zeus, how do you take this insubordination? What frightful things we bear from one another doing good turns to men! And I must say we all hold it against you. You conceived a daughter with no prudence, a destroyer (what do you call yourself, Ares?) given to violence (as I said, What do you call yourself, Ares). We other gods obey you, as submissive as you please, while she goes unreproved; never a word, a gesture of correction comes from you-only begetter of the insolent child. She is the one who urged Diomedes on to mad attempts on the immortals-first he closed with Aphrodite, cut her palm, and now he hurled himself against me like a fury. It was my speed that got me off, or I should still be there in pain among the dead, the foul dead- or undone by further strokes of cutting bronze."

(this is the best part!)

But Zeus who masses cloud regarded him with frowning brows and said:

" do not come whining here, you two-faced brute, most hateful to me of all the Olympians combat and brawling are your element. This beastly, incorrigible truculence (nice words, Zeus!) comes from your mother, Hera, whom I keep but barely in my powerm say what I will. You came to grief, I think, at her command. Still, I will not have you suffer longer. I fathered you, I fathered you after all; your mother bore you as a son to me. If you had been conceived by any other and born so insolent, then long ago your place would have been far below the gods.

I don't know what you thought about that, but i thought it was pretty funny. Sorry if it wasn't, but maybe you just don't get my sense of humor in this area.

Hahaha... stupid, cowardly Ares. goes crying to his daddy at the slightest wound. hahaha.



Won't let me log in.

I'm bummed.



>> September 10, 2007

I've been watching Naruto lately, and I've gotten to episode 19. So far, it's my favorite. It's SO good, although, I must say, it's very deep, and it made me cry. For the past few episodes, Naruto's squad has been battling an assassin named Zabuza and his accomplice, Haku. Haku uses really thin pins to kill Naruto's friend Sasuke. Then he saves Zabuza from Kakashi sensei, who ends up killing him in episode 18. Also in episode 18, Kakashi immobilizes Zabuza's arms. That's about where it leads into episode 19.


Naruto Episode 19

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I cried. Now that was love! Not exactly God's kind of love, but genuine, just the same.

You know something else? Pepe is sitting right in front of the computer screen blocking my view right now. Dang it.


Lately the weather has been so bipolar, and consequently so have I.

>> September 1, 2007

I've been really depressed. I really didn't know why I felt so bad. I kept trying to fill my life with other things. It wasn't working at all. I still felt horrible. Then I realized something. I haven't been reading the Bible and spending time with God, and that made me feel horrible. I realized that while other things might make me happy for a little while, what I really need is my quiet time. Please pray for me. I really need it.


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