Yipe! Worldviews.

>> August 30, 2007

It's the motherlode of all language arts/history classes.

If you went to public school, you are considered lucky by homeschoolers because you do not have to take this class.

But it's not all bad, class time is fun. But that's about it... meaning...



School is Cool. Mostly.

>> August 27, 2007

Today was the first day of SCHOOL!

Is it exciting or not? I think so.

My friends are there! In the same class! My teachers are awesome.

But homework sucks.

I'm really worried about juggling worldviews, zoo, and theater.


Walking on Broken Glass...

>> August 23, 2007

The reason I haven't written in about a week and a half is because I went on VACATION!!!! We stayed at our uncle's cabin in the mountains of New Mexico.

It was awesome, and we all had a good time bonding as a family.

In the long run, the vacation was pretty (for lack of a better word) uneventful. I mean, we did a lot of stuff, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. That is, except for the first day.

Let me explain the layout of the cabin: It has two stories. The bottom floor just has bedrooms and bathrooms, but the top one is a single, circular room with windows on all sides. on one side there are three huge windows that reach from floor to ceiling, and a sliding glass door. These overlook a balcony.

When we first got to the cabin, Victor thought the windows weren't there, and he ran smack into one of them. Now, we should have noted that and made a rule not to run inside, but we didn't.

Later, we were watching TV, and Elena got hot and (just let me tell you that we were extremely tired from driving all night), not thinking, ran and jumped through the open door. The only problem was that it actually wasn't the door! Her knee hit the 1/2 thick plate glass of the window, and it shattered! There were a few moments where we didn't have a clue what was going on. We were just screaming. My mom woke up thinking someone had died, but didn't have her glasses or her shoes, so she couldn't do anything. I took charge and got rags to stop her bleeding while my dad assessed the damage. Thankfully, the glass had only cut her arm and her knee, but one small gash on her wrist was spurting blood. it was nasty. The cut on her knee was bleeding badly as well.

So anyways, my mom went to the neighbors' house to use their phone to call the health clinic in the next town over, and we rushed over to Carizozo to get Elena treated. We spent most of the day in the waiting room. Take it from me. IT WAS FREEZING IN THERE!!!!!

So that was our great adventure. The rest of the vacation was boring compared to that (well, not really, but just go with the flow).


This month the trend...

>> August 14, 2007

Is to not wake up until three p.m.,
Realize you have school to do, and
Try to force it in.

And this month the trend
Is to juggle all the things you do,
Hoping they will all fit in
But mess up in the end.

This month the trend
Is to take a late vacation
Just to get away from

Adapted from "This Week the Trend" by Relient K


so, yeah...

>> August 11, 2007

I'm really bad at keeping up with my blog.



Well, today I've been babysitting since 10:30.

I love the kids, but I'm really bored (which is not saying much).

I hope their parents get home so I can play World of Warcraft. Maybe with Beth? I don't know.

I think they should be getting home very soon. YAY!! I'm getting paid $8 an hour!! But actually, I feel bad taking so much money for just two kids. I should be getting only like $5 an hour, but oh well!! It puts me so much closer to Pine Cove when I get 100 dollars at a time!!

Just so you know, I wasn't the one who decided to charge so much.

but anyway, i just want to relax right now. I'm extremely tired.


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